Club News - Activities at HFCC

A college environment includes students from different districts and cities, making most of them strangers to one another. Making new friends and socializing can be difficult for unfamiliar students if they do not know where to go or what to do to get involved.
At Henry Ford Community College, there is a wide selection of student clubs and associations where students can discuss their similar interests and absorb information other than in the classroom. Not only do clubs provide student interaction, but also help those going into a certain profession as well as those who just want a better understanding of a topic such as astronomy, nursing, or religious beliefs.
For those going into nursing, HFCC provides Student Nurses Association (SNA). Run by Sue Shunkwiler and Cathy Wakefield, the SNA provides career information and details, educational programs, leadership opportunities, and community service programs for student nurses. The SNA also does a number of community walks for charity such as “3-Day for the Cure” for breast cancer and another for diabetes. In addition, the club feeds Africa by fundraising, works with Dearborn Public Schools, and cleans city parks.
“I think it’s a very valuable experience to help people and our community. We stretch our boarders in helping people,” said SNA Representative Lori Grande-Swiatkowski.
For those with a passion for the universe outside our mother Earth, the Astronomy Club is the best place to go. Joining the club means engaging with students who love looking at stars and planets through telescopes and learning more about the outside world. The club hosts movie nights, attends HFCC’s planetarium shows, and visit the observatory at Lincoln Park High School.
“If you’re interested in Astronomy and Cosmology, the Astronomy Club is a great club to join! I learned so much and made friends by attending the meetings and going to the events,” said Marissa Villanueva, President of the Astronomy Club and Mirror News columnist.
Last year, the Astronomy Club went to Chicago and is currently planning another trip this year. Astronomy Club members encourage student involvement to experience the fun side of astronomy and science.
Henry Ford is host to religious clubs such as the Christian Club. Run by Mary Rayhall and Clara Bell, the Christian Club offers fellowship between club members, Bible study, community outreach to those in need, and education about Christianity.
“Involvement in student life is part of the college experience. There are valuable experiences that one can learn outside of the classroom. I encourage all students to get involved in one aspect or another in student activities,” said Cassandra Fluker, HFCC’s Student Activities Officer.
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