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Health & Wellness

Mom was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but why did she say that? Traditionally, breakfasts are known for being full of sugar – take pancakes, pastries, and donuts for example – but studies have shown indulging in a sugary or highly processed breakfast (like a package of Pop Tarts from the hallway vending machine) or even avoiding the morning meal altogether is an extremely bad idea. Eating a wholesome, balanced breakfast including lean protein (like egg whites or Greek yogurt), whole grains (such as whole wheat bread or multigrain cereal), and even a little natural sugar from fruit is the key to having a good day. Eating something wholesome in the morning not only prevents snacking and poor meal choices throughout the day, but also fuels the body and mind in preparation for a day of, say, classes at Henry Ford Community College.
Statistically speaking, only 65% of college students eat breakfast on a daily basis (ChaCha.com). It’s important for a student to be at his/her ultimate best in order to do well at school and a good breakfast is a simple way to reach that highly sought-after academic success. Poor nutrition contributes to a lack of concentration especially pertaining to a classroom setting, says WebMD.com. If that’s not enough of an incentive to break the fast, this might be: also according to WebMD.com, people who start the day by eating a nutritious meal tend to weigh less!
Eating a healthy breakfast is critical for managing or maintaining body weight because it revs up the metabolism, ultimately allowing the body to burn more calories within the course of a day than a malnourished body would. Skipping breakfast makes your body think it’s starving which inevitably forces the metabolism to slow itself in order to hold on to stored energy (or fat cells) for longer.
Weight management aside, breakfast is a proven contribution to overall good health: eating breakfast makes the mind and senses alert, gets blood-sugar levels in check, starts up the body’s natural processes, and can even increase longevity, says Lifestyle Consultant Nancy Schmieder in an online article.

Healthy breakfasts anyone can handle:
Need something that sticks?
Nonfat Greek-style yogurt is your new best friend! With up to 11 grams of protein per serving, the tangy cultured milk (with live and active cultures that are good for digestion) compliments fruits like berries and pineapple. Add a little whole-grain cereal and some nuts and it’s a complete meal.

Want something sweet to start the day?
Spread natural fruit preserves on whole-wheat toast. Enjoy with a banana and a cup of tea or coffee and it’s practically dessert.

Don’t like “breakfast food”?
That’s easy - make a sandwich! Egg whites, tomato slices, and spinach go great between two toasted slices of whole-wheat bread.

Taking the time to enjoy a healthy meal in the morning is extremely beneficial not only in the classroom, but in all parts of life. So ultimately, mom did know a thing or two about the importance of breakfast. A morning meal means a mental boost, and what student couldn’t use a little more awareness, focus, and energy in the classroom? Making a habit of consuming a nutritious breakfast should be at the top of every student’s To-Do List this semester.

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