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Opinion - Technology Today: the Good and the Bad.

Technology has become more advanced over the years. It started with the radio, then television, and after that, the computer. Before any of those, we had to gain information through newspapers, books, maps, and the prior knowledge and experiences of others who share it with us. Those were the days were someone had to travel long hours to gain information and view entertainment which is now at our fingertips.
The miserable, stressful and frustrating experiences of humanity have influenced man to make life easier. We have cars to drive, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to direct, gaming systems to entertain, computers to inform, and cellular phones to communicate on the go. A lot of those pieces of technology are put together as one whole to make life more convenient. For example, the cell phone I have is the Droid Razr Maxx, Verizon’s latest cellular phone. I am able to look at my email, Facebook, play games, watches movies on Netflix, connect and browse the internet, search for destinations and get directions, and, of course, call and text.
Computers have also become a huge attraction to the newly adults and teenagers of this generation. It holds music, games, organized information, documents, internet browsers and much more. Computers make it much easier to retain information about anything you have an interest in.
The Apple Ipod is one of the best pieces of technology. Instead of having tens and hundreds of CDs in your car or listening to the music on the radio, you can easily install hundreds of your favorite songs onto a pocket-sized object. It has made music-on-the-go more fun. Not only do they play music, but they can also be used to search the internet and play games on, as well.
On the other hand, humanity has become strongly dependent on technology. We become stressed and frustrated when our cell phone service or battery dies. We feel “naked” without it if we need to leave the house. A lot of people today do not know how to read a map and struggle with driving without virtual or printed directions.
Television is a huge source of entertainment. Programmed with hundreds of channels, the television has endless hours of all types of shows. With television comes cable, which has been made more affordable to the middle and lower class people. A lot of cable companies come with their own high speed internet. Computers have become a bigger source of gaming that is enjoyed by children and teenagers. Enjoyed so much that we ignore what we really need—exercise. Numerous hours spent in front of those two screens have caused more obesity in the United States alone and it is increasing in young children.
In the auto industry, engineers have made computerized robots that are programmed for specific functions that help build a car. Albeit, these robots have helped automotive companies save money; they have also caused contributed to the increased of unemployment.
What do I think about technology? It is very useful, entertaining and extraordinary. We can accomplish so much more than we could without it. If we didn’t have it, man would not have discovered life outside earth or inside the human body. But it has made us lazier in retaining information and providing entertainment for ourselves. Our day is instantly filled with frustration once we find out that our cell phone battery is dead, internet is shutdown, or if our device is too slow for our everyday usage. . Our lives should never revolve around technology but rather technology should be used to enhance our lives—it is then and only then, that technology truly advances humanity.

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