Truth About Our Food Supply

What if you saw something on the news that said terrorists had put poison into our food supply? What would you do? Obviously, you would stop eating the food in question, right? The public would panic, and there would be a huge public out cry for those responsible to be held accountable. Now, what if that story never made it to the news because a huge corporation threatened lawsuits and threatened to pull back advertising dollars?
This has been happening for some time now. The terrorists in question are our own government—including the FDA and USDA—pharmaceutical companies and Monsanto, the company that developed Agent Orange, DDT, plus other pesticides. Monsanto also currently market products like the Bovine Growth Hormone contained in milk, as well as aspartame, saccharin, genetically-modified organisms in things like corn, soybeans, canola products, wheat and others. Then there are things like high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, BPA (a plastic lining inside metal cans and plastic bottles), refined sugars, phosphoric acid, red 40 and tons of other cancer-causing additives. There is a reason Americans are the most obese and unhealthy people on the planet....
Wake up people!!!
Now, I bet most of you didn’t know that vegans almost NEVER get cancer and other health issues from what they eat—issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other common health problems—and there is a proven reason behind that. Eating animal products causes a lot of health problems, as with eating processed foods, genetically modified foods, and eating fruits and vegetables sprayed with carcinogenic bug sprays (poison).
Plant based proteins are so much more healthy. What if I said most everyone in the world could reverse the effects of their health problems and get off of their medications just by eating an organic whole plant food diet and cutting out meat and dairy products? Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Don’t take my word for it. Do the research yourself. You will be shocked BLOWN AWAY at what you find.
I myself have been eating vegan for the last few months, and it’s actually really good and I feel really good. My skin complexion looks better, my blood pressure is lower, my energy levels are like they were in my early twenties (btw, I’m in my mid-30s), and there are other healthy benefits, too, that I won’t go into J. I still eat meat on occasion, but I'm working on cutting it out all together. I’m taking baby steps and have cut out red meat all together; I’ve already stopped drinking milk because of the Bovine Growth Hormone that’s in most milk these days. I switched to drinking almond milk, and it is really good and healthier than animal milk.
Dr. Tarek A. Joseph, my Environmental Geography professor, showed us the movie Food, Inc., and ever since that and other lectures on our food supply, I have been researching everything I can find on this subject and quite frankly....IM SCARED!

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