HFCC’s Astronomy Club Visits Chicago

On Friday, December 2, HFCC’s Astronomy Club packed their bags and headed for Chicago. With the help of U of M - D’s astronomy club, the two groups managed to get tickets for the Adler Planetarium downtown, as well as a tour through Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois. As a club member, I can honestly say that the whole experience was not only enlightening but also enjoyable.
That Saturday both clubs met up at the Adler Planetarium to watch two shows: Deep Space Adventure and Journey to the Stars. Also inside the planetarium were hands-on displays with quick fun facts supporting them. The “moon jump” in particular was a favorite among club members. The student could lie on a mechanical device that simulated gravitation on the moon.
After visiting the planetarium, we toured the downtown area of Chicago, stopping at places like The Hershey Store and various Chicago gift shops.
The next morning both groups carpooled to Fermilab, and I am still astounded when I think of what I learned. We were introduced to the beautiful site with a lecture given by a physicist working at Fermilab. I think the club would agree when I say it was one of the most interesting lectures we’ve listened to (no offense to you college professors, of course!).
After the lecture, we were given a tour around the main building, as well as through the lab. We saw countless machines, computers and even a smaller model of Fermilab’s particle accelerator. After the tour, we were treated to complimentary snacks and were given the opportunity to ask the physicists any questions we had. After taking one last group picture together at Fermi, we left—homeward bound.
Overall, the experience was incredible. We learned many things, had lots of fun and became closer as a group. I look forward to any other trips the Astronomy Club may take, and I would be more than thrilled to participate with them.

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