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Outside the Blox Ice

When the snow melts, it’s not over for Ditto and Paul Nuzov. Out of the remaining ice from the carving competitions, a business was born. Recently, the partners started their ice carving business, called Outside The Blox. Their business goes all year round and was built to provide ice sculptors for occasions ranging from birthday parties to weddings. This year marks the third year of carving for Ditto and the second year for Nuzov.
Outside The Blox is a prospering business, and Ditto agrees the business was worth starting; however, he stated, “There’s still room for improvement, of course.”
A customer can choose from an ice luge and a traditional sculpture, made into anything of any size. When an ice carving for a party comes to mind, one thinks of the Plymouth Ice Festival, or even the sculptures seen on television. However, the time and money put into a sculpture is greatly underestimated. Ditto says the only downside to running his business is the “time and money; tools are expensive, and it comes at a cost.”
Although the cost of running a business is high, Ditto says it is rewarding “seeing the look on a client’s face when I unravel the sculpture.” The life of the business can come from a single idea, an unknown talent and a lot of persistence. Ditto said, “I found I had a passion, and I was proficient with it. I found a market and went for what I have a passion to do.”
Contact Ditto or Nuzov for a sculpture at (734) 502-0260 or ditto@outsidethebloxice.com, and check them out on the web at www.outsidethebloxice.com.

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