Opinion - My Life for A...Parking Spot!?

I’m quite certain the meaning of the title of this article is lost on about 75% of our student population. If you get the reference, bravo for you, if you don’t, that’s ok too. Back to the point of this article.
While the level of my disgust at the laziness of the cars waiting around in the parking lot like vultures has grown to epic levels, I’m more concerned with the other cars that speed around said parked cars.
You know the scenario I’m speaking of: You are minding your own business, walking to class, dodging the “vultures,” when out of nowhere a car flies around the corner to get the spot that just became available down the next row. (Incidentally, do these people not realize that by the time they get one of these “prime” spots, everyone else has already parked, walked to their class, and are sitting comfortably?)
The other day I had the joy of experiencing this scenario for, well, I lost count at 13, so I cannot tell you what number this was. I was heading to my car after class, when I was literally one step away from being mowed down by a vehicle flying in reverse towards a spot that may or may not have been opening up near my path. This is no exaggeration. I mean I literally had to pull my foot back or I would have been Henry Ford Community College Parking Lot road kill.
This was annoying enough, but then the girl driving this coffin on wheels had the gall to shoot ME a dirty look. Really?? I guess I was in her way??? I’m sorry, but I feel my life is worth much more than that parking spot.
No, I KNOW it is, and so is yours.
In summary, please slow down, don’t be lazy, and just go farther out and park already!
I’m older than a good percentage of the students here, and if I can do it, so can you. If you are driving in at 9:05 and your class starts at 9:08, there is a very simple solution to avoid the possibility of taking a life—leave your house earlier!
Thank you and good luck out there.

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