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Opinion - Enjoy the Serenity Behind HFCC

Have you ever wanted a place to relax on a nice warm day? What about a peaceful place to stroll, jog, run, or even bike around? All that and more can be found around the HFCC campus. Over the past few years the expert landscapers and engineering department have been working hard to beautify the HFCC campus. But their work lies beyond the sidewalks surrounding buildings and parking lots.
Just beyond the parking lots lies the true work. The extensive landscape is more than a beautiful sight. The landscape was designed to encourage wildlife to visit the campus. Have you seen the concrete planters around the campus with what looks like weeds? Those concrete planters are to encourage wild butterflies to pollinate the flowers around HFCC. There are other wildlife that inhabit the campus as well, like chipmunks, geese and, most recently, coyotes, as stated in the Mirror News.
But not all the landscape was dedicated to promote wildlife. Some landscape was dedicated to promote human life as well. Behind the parking lots there are numerous grassy areas where you could relax in peace and quiet; or if you want you can have your lunch in quiet solitude. If solitude is not your thing you could bring your friends and/or family to relax or even enjoy a picnic outside. There are also trails for walking, running and biking for those who enjoy those activities. The trail circles the entire campus, allowing you to see the campus in a different way. If you like the relaxing sound of water, you could always relax by the pond or on the bridge that overlooks the Rouge River.
So, if you want to have a nice place to relax, you don’t have to go far. Most would believe that spending more time on campus than you have to is ridiculous, let alone coming on days you don’t have to.
If you don’t think there is anything other than lectures on the campus, think again. There is more to HFCC than just lectures—so look around to see what the campus has to offer.

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