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Counselor’s Corner - Beat the Holiday Blues

The holidays are typically a time when we gather with our families and friends to celebrate and rejoice in each other’s company.
But the holidays can also add other unwanted pressures, such as buying gifts, visiting with family members who we don’t appreciate much, or just feeling stressed about having to prepare for holidays.
If you’re ready and jolly for the holidays, may the forces of nature be with you and your loved ones. But if the holidays are dragging you down, causing you stress and anxiety, here are some tips on how to turn this experience around.

• You don’t have to buy someone a gift to show that you care. Most often a card can brighten someone’s day with very few loving and encouraging words.

• Use your time off from work and or school to decompress and recharge. Too often people tend to overwork in preparation for the holidays, hence defeating the real purpose of having down time.

• Seek out family members and friends who support you and create for you a positive atmosphere.

• Cook or help prepare a meal and share it with those loved ones that you cherish their company.

• Giving to others in need can help lift us emotionally and spiritually. Check your community calendar during the holidays, and choose one activity you would like to participate in. Time equals love, so give some of your time to others and brighten their day, it’s contagious.

You can always infuse your own creativity in how to celebrate the holidays. Whatever you do, remember to rest, recharge for next semester, and contemplate on a wonderful new year ahead of you.
Best of luck on your finals and Happy Holidays from the counseling division at HFCC!

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