From the Editor


It is almost 2011, and with a full semester and six issues of the Mirror News almost behind us, we are tempted to call this little experiment with HFCC's print media a minor success, at least so far.

Building on what those before us created, our particular Mirror staff has added several new sections to the paper, including a wonderful creative outlet for the college called "Through Our Looking Glass," many new faces- including a few people who were initially unsure if this would be their thing (it turns out, it is)-and had the opportunity to work with more talented people than anyone could have reasonably expected.

Fortunately, much of the staff (including me) will be back of another semester to continue building when classes resume in January.

At the same, we still hope for even more interest from the rest of the incredibly creative students and faculty on the HFCC campus.

Before I finish, I do want to extend my most heart-felt appreciation and to an extremely bright and talented young lady, Lauren Wynn, a writer who will be leaving the Mirror staff and HFCC to finish her schooling at Eastern Michigan University next term.

Lauren and I met in a theatre appreciation class last spring, hit it off quickly due to our shared interests, and worked together- continually learning from each other- since we started on this version of Mirror News last summer.

Lauren, you will be missed.

Finally, though I normally choose to keep my feelings regarding the holiday season, and what it truly means to me, mostly private, I feel compelled to end with just one small, but significant, thought.

Whatever you believe; whatever particular holiday or tradition you celebrate this time of the year; whatever ways you choose to express yourself during this, the universal season of love and giving... please enjoy, more than anything else, the absolutely awesome feeling you get when you care, truly care, for another human being- especially when you expect nothing in return.