Councelor's Corner

The Counseling Division at Henry Ford Community College has been awarded the 2010 Diversity Award from the Michigan Counseling Association. The Michigan Counseling Association is a professional organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession in the state of Michigan. The award was presented at the annual conference held in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Saturday, November 13, 2010 to the Counseling Division for their Imagine the Possibilities: Non - Traditional Careers for Women in Technology and Men in Health Careers & Nursing seminar programming which has had a positive impact on the diversification of career selection for both men and women.

Diane Green, Associate Dean stated, “What an honor for the Counseling Division and all the counselors, who are dedicated to working with our diverse student community, to receive the Michigan Counselor Association’s Diversity Award! The Division strives to provide comprehensive services, activities, seminars, workshops, and offer credit courses that are designed to promote personal and educational success and persistence among our students. I want to thank the Michigan Counseling Association for recognizing our innovation and professionalism in actively addressing the needs of our students.”

The Counseling Division seeks to appreciate diversity and respect the many different cultures that attend Henry Ford Community College. Our goal is to enhance communication with the student body by providing effective active listening skills, embracing our student community with care, concern, and support for any issues concerning diversity. In other words, we welcome all of our students as we work to promote positive interactions with and within our diverse student population on the campus of Henry Ford Community College.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Dr. Gwendolyn Pringle in the Counseling Division at
(131) 845-9751 or email at