Amnesty International Club

AI-HFCC will like to wish everyone on the Henry Ford Community College Campus a Happy Human Rights Day. On December 10, 2010 it is Human Rights Day, where Amnesty International groups everywhere celebrate the greatness of human rights and remember those who are still stuck in alarming situations. This includes AI-HFCC, where we entered the Global Write-A-Thon 2010. The idea is to “Write for Rights”, we chose people who are in danger in their own countries and sent letters to them, to remind them that there are those that are worried for them and still care for their safety. Each member of the group picked a person and wrote a letter to that person, and then we looked up the addresses to these individuals and sent them the letters. This is the world’s largest writing event, with one of the world’s most important purposes. As a group we knew that taking part in this sort of event will allows remembering those who are still facing human rights abuses and who still need a hand from their fellow brethren so that they know they are not alone. These letters range to various people across the globe, from China to Burkina Faso. They also are for many different individuals who have taken a stand in different ways, like prisoners of conscience, maternal mortality, rape, and/or death penalty. All of these individuals only aimed to express their human rights; however, they have been punished in some of the worst ways. It is important for us to take a stand against these horrors so that they may not continue in our world in the future. A human right is a natural freedom that cannot and should not be attacked.