Introducing: Your New Student Council

Eryk White, former president of the African American Association, returns to StuCo as president, along with a member-at-large Jenna Laface. The majority of the officers, however, are the newly-elected members of the Student Council: vice chair Farah Alqattan, secretary Nikki Smith treasurer Kendra James, communications liaison Antoine Shelton, and fellow member-at-large Trisha Tran.
One of the interesting qualities about this new StuCo is the fact that the majority of the new councilmen are freshmen. Prior to the seating of the new Student Council, the old council remained busy; erecting emergency phones in the parking lot and expanding the bus stop, as well as a student civility campaign, to be coming next semester.
They were also responsible for the voting stations during the StuCo elections, which made voting for candidates more convenient, particularly for those who don't have a computer at home. One of the first events that was held by the new student council was a general town hall, where one of the major issues raised regarded safety; many who were here last year or earlier this year recall one of the last town halls held by the 2009-2010 Student Council regarded safety, along with many of the measure that had been taken to make the campus safer, including the emergency phones mentioned above, There were also concerns regarding a lack of tutors on campus.
The next StuCo town hall will be held on December 8 at 12:00 p.m. in room L-14, and the primary discussion will be regarding soft space, or student non-work space. As it is, the main soft space area on campus is the Student Center, best known as the cafeteria. Outside of the eating area, there is little actual soft space in the building; there is a restaurant (Fifty-One O One), a radio station (WHFR 83.9FM), and two classrooms, along with the Student Activities room, the Student Council office, the Mirror Newsoffice, and two all purpose areas used for class, meetings and club activities.

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