From the Editor


When we initially set out to create our version of the Mirror News last spring, our creative team hoped to bring readers solid news- including timely stories, within the parameters of our publishing schedule- interesting features about unique people and events, helpful information about the HFCC campus, continually updated club news, comprehensive sports coverage, and an entertaining slant of many other topics.
In addition, the plan was to include as many high-quality photos as possible, several regular columns written with a fresh, personal perspective, and an appealing overall design that could maintain a degree of consistency from issue to issue.
At the same time, we created an additional element- an element that could be a bit more creative than the some-what defined model of a traditional newspaper- and called it "Through Our Looking Glass."
The idea behind "Looking Glass" was to begin with (hopefully) humorous content to, sort of, make light of conventional news, while soliciting creative material from people beyond our actual staff. We had, for lack of a better term, a vision in mind of what we thought this special section really could be, and felt that a creative outlet open to virtually everyone on campus would eventually be embraced by readers.
It's working.
This is our fifth issue, and it appears that we've moved past the limitations of the original "Looking Glass" content. We are currently incorporating poetry, short stories, original illustrations and photographs, and have even added two new staffers to take on the challenge of reviewing the incoming material.
While Mariana Moreira will continue to maintain the Mirror News website, she is also working closely with our new creative editor, Brianna Klutz, to ensure that the evolving "Looking Glass" section will consist of high-quality art from the talented HFCC student body (and faculty), following a new theme and including fresh page design each issue.
It is gratifying to reach a goal, and we appreciate your encouragement along the way. As always, thank you for reading!