From the Editor

I wish to start by thanking the many readers who continue to offer support and constructive feedback, especially those alert individuals who diligently tip us off to newsworthy people and events. You seem to understand that we are all in this together, and that we welcome your thoughts and ideas as a part of the creative process.

We truly appreciate all of your help and encouragement.

In this installment of the Mirror News we introduce two new columnists: staff writers Rachael Woods and Lauren Wynn. In addition to offering a fresh perspective regarding specific issues in their respective columns, Lauren also promotes “The Road not Taken,” a fall star talk presented in HFCC’s planetarium, and Rachael gets to know Pattie Jones, the latest victim…er, student highlighted in our “Spotlight On” series.

This issue also marks the Mirror debut of five new contributing writers. Eric Freeman offers an in-depth look at musician Osvalo “Ozzie” Rivera and his recent performance as part of HFCC’s “Around the World” concert series, Imani Harris sits down with key members of the Anime-tion Club, Batool Saad expounds on her own new project, the Amnesty International Club, while Craig Hutchison digs deep in his feature covering our school’s illustrious history. In addition, Kurt Anthony Krug, an English professor at HFCC, offers entertaining reviews on two new movies: Let Me In and The Social Network.

Also, Martin Morris expresses the urgent need for new membership in two relatively long-standing HFCC clubs—the African American Association and Philosophy Club—and covers the recent visit by Khaled Mattawa, this year's recipient of the $25,000 Academy of American Poets Fellowship.

Finally, Janay Hillman gets to know the hosts of The Jump Button, one of WHFR’s most popular shows, reports on an ambitious upcoming event for the “undead” and, following a similar theme, interviews yours truly.

Additionally, be sure to check out all of our regular sections—such as “Counselor’s Corner,” HFCC club news, and the horoscopes—and please take special notice of “Through Our Looking Glass,” the section of the Mirror News devoted to creative projects contributed by our staff, as well the students and faculty of HFCC. As she did for the first two issues, the Mirror News online editor Mariana Moreira created original art for the cover of the “Looking Glass,” and the section includes original poetry by Brianna Klutz and Diabinha Marota.

On behalf of the staff of the Mirror News, I wish to again thank you, the reader, for your interest and feedback, as well as the various people who gave us this wonderful opportunity and continued support.

Thank you!

Dennis Rymarz