WHFR Hosts 3rd Annual Record Show

On Saturday, October 9th, WHFR 89.3FM (whfr.fm) will host its Third Annual Record Show. The event will be held in HFCC's Student and Culinary Arts Center from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mike Dereniewski, the coordinator of the event, shared more information about the origin of the Record Show, the festivities that will take place and, of course, the music.

Rachael Woods: This is the Third Annual Record Show. Were the first two shows well-received? What are your expectations for this year's show?
Mike Dereniewski: I coordinated the first WHFR Record Show as a fundraiser to raise money for our noncommercial, nonprofit, volunteer-run station. That show took place in the summer of 2008, and after getting feedback from our vendors, it was decided to move the show to the fall. We’re continuing that with this year’s show that is taking place October 9, in the Student Center on campus.

Our first record show exceeded our expectations, and has steadily grown in size and scope in the short number of years of its existence.
RW: What genres of music will be available for purchase at the show? Will the artists mostly be independent, or will mainstream acts be available as well?
MD: Merchandise covering absolutely any genre of music that you can image will be available, and in just about any format: CDs, cassettes, VHS, DVD and, of course, records! The types of artists and styles of music represented will run the entire gamut; from obscure, fiercely independent artist to the largest, well-known mainstream acts. Just as diverse will be the price range of music-related merchandise available, from bargain bin finds to highly sought-after collectibles. We really have an amazing group of vendors this year who will have a wide range of goods that’ll be sure to satisfy all attendees of the show.
RW: We've heard that door prizes and give-aways will take place at the show. What exactly could those who attend be in the running to win?
MD: There is a sliding-scale admission to the show of $1 to $5, which is actually a donation to our station. For each dollar you contribute, you’ll get a numbered ticket for the raffles that will be taking place regularly throughout the day. Winners will receive cash vouchers anywhere in the amounts of $5 - $20, which can be used same as cash with any vendor at the show. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag by announcing this year’s door prize, but to give you an idea of what the item may be, last year one of our vendors contributed a collectible vintage toy set that was used as the door prize. The first year we gave away a Record Reverser (recordreverser.com), which is a specialized adapter that plays records backwards on pro turntables!
RW: How does the Record Show correlate with the 25th Anniversary of WHFR?
MD: I’ve been a member of WHFR for 19 of its 25 years, and as the Record Show coordinator, I’m honored to be able to have brought this fundraiser to life, which helps support this station that I hold very dearly to my heart.
RW: Will there be any special guests or speakers, or is it more like a "do-your-own-thing" kind of show, where those who attend are free to walk in and browse for the duration of the event?
MD: Currently, coordinating the show is a pretty big undertaking, so we haven’t branched out into scheduling special guests quite yet. There will be more than enough merchandise to browse through to keep everyone occupied throughout the whole day. We hope attendees will make a day of it—the longer they hang around, the better their chances of winning one of the shopping sprees!
RW: What is the process for someone interested in being a vendor?
MD: Anyone, and I mean ANYONE can be a vendor. In addition to traditional music retail-types, we’ve had vendors selling diverse music-related items, such as handmade rock ‘n’ roll glass nightlights, record notebooks and postcards, and more. It’s pretty much a music lover’s garage sale dream come true!

For more on the record show or vendor information, visit www.whfr.fm/recordshow.