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Most of us know that in order to be considered for any job, we need to have a résumé. The problem is that there are so many different kinds of résumés that it can be a challenge to create the perfect one. Should we use a chronological or functional format, or a combination of the two? Praux.com is designed to help users make the most of their résumés, and offers several resources to help get them started.

The site's owner, Michael Gregorowicz, founded Praux.com in April 2009. The site officially launched on February 3, 2010, and since then over 1,400 users (and counting) have signed up on the site.

But what exactly is Praux.com?

“Praux.com is a no-frills editor and free hosting site for résumés,” Gregorowicz said. “Upon signing up, users can create a new résumé, edit an existing résumé, and choose several different designs and formats. There is also a feature that allows you to translate your résumé's text to several languages. You can also shorten your main résumé into a sub-résumé.”

In addition to the editor and hosting features, users can also visit Praux's forum. The forum provides access to valuable information and tips regarding your résumé, and allows users to interact with other Praux members for suggestions and tips on how to make your résumé just right. Praux.com is also user-friendly, which means it is easy to navigate from one tool to the next without getting frustrated or worrying if you've made a mistake that can't be fixed. For those who are worried about security, Praux's visibility option controls who can and cannot view your résumé, e-mail address, and other sensitive information at the click of a button.

What about entry level users? Is Praux.com suitable for the college student or recent graduate?

“Definitely. A good portion of the users on our site are between the ages of 16-24,” Gregorowicz shared. “We have users from all over the country who sign up to Praux.com. There's something there for everyone.”

Gregorowicz, who is a Michigan native and still resides in the state, plans to update Praux's services at some point in the future. Among the planned updates are enhanced visibility options and a tool that allows users to search the companies that may be viewing their résumé.

“Identity management is very important. I want users to be able to not only control who sees their information, but also browse the history of a company that may be recruiting them.”

To find out more or sign up to Praux, visit:

Website: http://www.praux.com
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Twitter: http:///www.twitter.com/prauxdotcom
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