Exam Time Turns into Wild Game Show Party

A quiet night was averted in Mr. Bradley’s Feng Shui class last week when the students took a page from the popular television game show, Whose Line is it Anyway?

Playing a game called “Questions Only,” the students instantly went from yawning to yelling, and though most participants claim the game was a nice change of pace, not everyone in the classroom was as upbeat.

Those who chose to play threw in two dollars for each round and, closely following the rules of the official game, spoke only in sentences formed into a question. Also, just like the TV version, when a player was caught not structuring his or her dialogue as a question, that player was eliminated from that specific round. The round was over when only one student was left, and the game ended when the class period was over.

A walk around the room revealed tentative conversations between classmates, usually consisting of carefully-constructed sentences, such as “Do you have an extra Scantron?” and “What did you get for number 13?” In a far corner of the room, one heard conversation starters between boyfriend and girlfriend, such as “What do you want to do tonight?” and “I don’t know, what did you get for number 20?”

“This game was really fun,” said Angela Thompson, a student new to the college. “I won a few rounds, but ended up in second place overall. I lost at the very end of the night when the teacher was writing down all the players’ names and he asked me mine. I was like, ‘uh...Angela?’”

Cheers went up from both the students and the crowd just outside the classroom when the winner, solid C-student Joe Stanton, was announced at the end of the class period. He was presented with a commemorative inscription on college ruled paper and a crisp $20 bill by a longtime HFCC student, Juan Ramirez-Sanchez, who claims he is continually mistaken for Whose Line host, Drew Carey.

“I am absolutely elated,” said Stanton, who wasn’t exactly sure how much money he won because his winnings got mixed in with his lunch money. “I know I’m leaving the building with more than when I got here, and I had a ball. That’s all that matters.”

However, a few people, including the instructor, decided against playing the game due to the stringent rules and uncontrolled environment.

“I don’t know what those clueless morons were thinking,” said Mr. Bradley. “I mean, it’s supposed to be an exam. Now half the class failed…and I’m considering further measures. Just dumb.”

“This was a great way to break up a quiet class period,” said student Steve Vorboga. “And what luck to have Drew Carey here for the award presentation.”