From the Editor

With the first couple of weeks of school (and one issue of the Mirror News) behind us, our newspaper staff is taking an even closer look at the news and events regarding Henry Ford Community College and the surrounding communities.

In this issue, Mirror staff writer Janay Hillman jumps from Green Brain Comics in East Dearborn directly into the new pond on campus behind the Tech building. Then, while Janay is drying off, Lauren Wynn graciously takes us on a tour of three rather special HFCC clubs: the new Baking Club, Phi Theta Kappa, and the Film and TV Club.

In our new “Spotlight On” series, Jennifer E. Collins introduces the Mirror’s very own Business Manager and contributing writer (horoscopes), Courtney Hardison, and then re-introduces the always relevant William Secrest of HFCC’s Religious Studies program.

Rachael Woods gives her spin on the upcoming WHFR Record Show, uploads her résumé to, and uncovers the controversy surrounding “Britain’s Best UFO Case,” while Martin Morris examines the HFCC Student Council elections and catches up with the English department’s Kevin Trovini.

Finally, in addition to regular features, such as “Counselor’s Corner” and the HFCC Student Club directory, we offer another installment of our new section “Through Our Looking Glass.” As you may remember, we plan to continue devoting this special section of the Mirror News to less serious topics written by the Mirror staff, as well as creative projects from interested contributors on campus.

To be clear, we have officially opened the “Looking Glass” part of the publication to original work—writing (including poetry and short fiction), illustration, photography, etc.—produced by the many imaginative and artistic students AND faculty at HFCC. (Please note that the names, places, and situations included in the “Looking Glass” section are works of complete fiction, and any connection with reality is a total coincidence.)

Please also note that your contributions to the newspaper, in general, do not necessarily have to be fiction. In the same way that we encourage students to check out the Mirror News as a potential “job”—it is never too late to put your toe in the waters of journalism and, frankly, we’re glad to have you—we also encourage readers to let us know when news is happening.

So, on behalf of everyone associated with the Mirror News, I thank you again for your interest, and wish you a pleasant & stimulating college experience. Enjoy!

Dennis Rymarz