Counselors Corner

Don’t Stress Over The Fall Semester!!!!!!

The first few weeks of the fall semester are now history, and you just might feel a little overwhelmed by due dates, assignments, and tests that are forthcoming. This is only natural given the fact that most students have hectic schedules and limited time to get everything done, including school work. If you happen to worry about whether you can “make it” as a student, or are extremely nervous about being a successful college student, perhaps you are experiencing unusually high levels of anxiety.

HFCC Counselor John Carroll conducts programs each semester for students who suffer from anxiety. There is really no reason why anxiety has to interfere with a person’s academic success. Consequently, HFCC students can learn how to manage their anxiety levels so that they can perform at their highest levels, whether it be taking a test, writing an in-class paper, giving a speech, reading a textbook, or even sinking a free throw on the basketball court.

Carroll is a hypnotherapist who teaches students how to use self-hypnosis to get rid of excessive worry, anxiety, and stress, relating to performance. His popular free program, Stop Test Anxiety, has helped thousands of HFCC students achieve personal goals by showing them how to neutralize their anxiety. Once this happens students can then focus more clearly and perform at their highest levels of potential. Learning this strategy of anxiety-free test taking is safe, and nothing like the “stage hypnotism” you might have seen on TV or in a club.

This four week program runs from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, beginning October 5 and ending October 26. Another four week program will be on Wednesdays from 3 - 4 p.m., beginning October 27 and ending November 17. All sessions are conducted in LRC 121.

Although these programs are free, students must sign up for either the Tuesday or Wednesday sessions by going to the Counseling Office Appointment Desk. It is not possible to just drop in on a session, and one is expected to attend all four sessions in order to get maximum benefit from the program.

For more information, you can contact John Carroll at 313-845-9753 or .