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From Burundi to Baobab Fare: Restaurant Owner Shares His Journey to Detroit

Baobab Fare one of Eater_s 11 best in the nation for 2021. Photo courtesy Eater

Hamissi Mamba, left, and Nadia Nijimbere draw from recipes from their East African homeland of Burundi. Photo courtesy Deadline Detroit.

SugarBuzz Bakery Owner Shares Recipe for Success During the Pandemic

Assortment of Desserts provided by Sugarbuzz Bakery

SugarBuzz Vegan Bakery is one of the first of its kind. Located in Ferndale, MI on Woodward Ave, owner Christopher Pelak opened this completely vegan bakery during the COVID-19 pandemic on Feb. 1, 2021, and business has been “buzzing” since.

Priceless Art in Storage

Photo of Chuck Close "Self Portrait" hanging in MacKenzie Fine Art building F at Henry Ford College, Dearborn, MI

In many of the buildings at the main campus of Henry Ford College in Dearborn there are paintings, prints, and sculptures strategically placed that perhaps do not get the attention they deserve.

Henry Ford Community College Alum Karen Imarisio Shares Her Passion for Paper

This Book Is a Camera A Pop-Up Book Camera by Kelli Anderson. Photo by Kip Krigel

Henry Ford Community College alum Karen Imarisio turned her hobby into a lifelong passion. Imarisio curated the exhibit “Inspiration and Innovation: The Art of Paper Engineering,” at the Stamelos Gallery Center at University of Michigan- Dearborn.

Detroit’s Buried History

Coleman A. Young who was mayor of Detroit from 1974 - 1993 is buried at the Elmwood Historic Cemetery

Take a guided tour with Executive Director of the Elmwood Historic Foundation, Joan Frear Capuano, and learn centuries of Detroit history.

Black Violin - Impossible is Possible

Wil Baptisite and Kev Marcus of Black Violin. Photo credit - Mark Clennon

Black Violin is a Grammy nominated musical duo based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With Wil Baptiste on viola and Kev Marcus on violin, they are one part classical, one part hip-hop, and one hundred percent uniquely innovative sound.

Local Duck Sanctuary Rescues Abandoned Waterfowl

Photo of baby ducks rescued from Dearborn park.

Domestic animals are abandoned in the wild every day. The abandonment of domestic cats and dogs is familiar to the general public. But perhaps a more unfamiliar domestic animal that is abandoned quite often is the duck.

HFC Alum Running for Mayor of Dearborn

Welcome to Dearborn photo courtesy WDET

Gary Woronchak is a candidate for mayor of Dearborn. He is an alumnus of Henry Ford Community College, where he had been editor of the student paper. The paper then was called The Ford Estate.

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Safe: Myth or Fact?

Infographic showing facts versus myths about the COVID-19 vaccine

Since the outbreak in March 2020, pharmaceutical companies, scientists, and researchers have been working to develop a vaccine to prevent further spread of the coronavirus.

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