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Volume 40 - Issue 7 - February 16, 2015

Welcome Back Days: Winter 2015

Loads of fun and games were had during Welcome Back Days at HFC. January 27th and 28th were two days dedicated to introducing Henry Ford College student’s to the various clubs and volunteer opportunities available.

First year student Dionne Edwards said, “I enjoyed finding out about volunteer activities and university requirements. I was encouraged to continue my education after I graduate from Henry Ford and the university representatives and Student Activities staff made me feel welcome.”

Israel and Hezbollah

On January 19, Israel carried out an airstrike in the Syrian town of Quneitra, killing six Hezbollah militants and one member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Gen. Mohammad Ali Allahdadi. This prompted a response from Hezbollah, with further retaliation from Israel, leading to fears of a war between Lebanon and Israel.

Goodbye Mr. Secrest!

  1. Tell me about your path and how it started on the World Religions path
  2. The World Religions course in HFC was begun in the early 1970s. The idea was that we needed to make available to our students in the liberal arts curriculum the knowledge of the teachings and practices of the major religious traditions.

HFC's February Line-Up

Dear HFC Student,

Cassandra Fluker of the HFC Student Activities office has stated that, “February is the national month we discover, celebrate and honor the history and achievements of African-Americans. It is a time for reflection, sharing and learning.” In celebration of Black History Month Henry Ford College will be hosting a number of events throughout February.

Students of the Month

While walking across campus you may have noticed students on the television screens, and their photographs in the glass case in the M-building. These are the faces of the students of the month. But what exactly is student of the month? According to Michele M. Featherston, the Student Activities Secretary, the student of the month is a student who demonstrates leadership and a strong desire to get involved. "We are looking for students who are positive role models, that encourage students to get involved in activities, and that promotes student life."

Learning to Draw - Or do Anything Else

I'm taking Drawing 1 at Henry Ford College, which means that I have the privilege of spending Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7:30 to 10:10 p.m. in class. I also do a project each weekend to turn in on Tuesday night. All the students post our work on the large white bulletin board and Mr. Rosic leads us in discussion about what we like about other peoples' projects and how the person accomplished this week's goal.

Kirby vs. Darkness Review

Kirby has always been a personal favorite Nintendo character of mine. As an adorable pink puff ball that sucks his enemies up like a vacuum and absorbs their powers, Kirby gives a new meaning to “you are what you eat.” With so many games to choose from I decided to review a trio of titles that is unofficially known as “The Dark Matter Trilogy” among fans.

Fifty Shades of Grey Review

Where can I begin? In retrospect I have absolutely zero idea why I thought volunteering to review this movie was a good idea. I never read the book, nor had any interest. But some fault lies on me. It was my decision to see 50 Shades of Grey not only on its opening weekend but on Valentine’s Day. The theater was packed with a combination of couples and large groups of single women (I’m supposing they were single, their boyfriends or husbands may have just had spines).

Snow Days: Left Out In The Cold

Here in Michigan, we are no strangers to snow in the winter. But the snowstorm that started in the late hours of February 1 resulted in roughly a foot of snow floating down on our homes and streets in one day. The inclement weather was surely a challenge to the organizations tasked with providing safe passage on our roads, as well as the schools and businesses who were required to make the critical decision to open or close their doors in the days that followed. Monday was universally regarded as a snow day. Practically all area schools closed and businesses did not open.

Freedom of Choice Means Only One Choice

On January 22, a very important protest took place; an event that has annually taken place in Washington D.C. for over 40 years. Hundreds of thousands of people walked the streets of Washington D.C. carrying signs and chanting for the rights of women and children alike. Never heard of that march? Many people haven’t, so you are not alone.

Rape Culture - A Growing Trend

Rape has always been a loaded word that people tend to shy away from. People nod their heads and will say things like; rape is bad, rape is sad, but no one is willing to discuss it.