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Mirror News - Volume 41 - Issue 4 - October 26, 2015

Who’s Protesting Whom?

The top of the mosque is visible from HFC’s north parking lot. Across Evergreen Road and Ford Road sits the Islamic Center of America, one of the largest mosques in the country. The Mirror News received a tip that a protest would be held on Saturday, October 20, directly in front of this mosque. The Detroit News reported on the efforts of anti-Muslim groups to hold events across the nation on Friday and Saturday.

Mayweather Retires, Passes Torch

Grand Rapids native Floyd Mayweather fought his last fight on Sept 12 at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas, NV. With a unanimous decision win against 32 year old Andre Berto, Mayweather retires as a division four (5x) world champion. The win tied with Rocky Marciano’s perfect record of 49-0 and in the minds of some, has cemented his legacy as one of the best prize fighters of all time. While Mayweather comes from a family of world-class pugilists (his trainer and uncle, Roger Mayweather once held a world title), he also continues a tradition of boxing greatness within the Midwest.

The Hawks Continue To Fly

With the leaves changing colors and the temperatures dropping, the fall portion of the Henry Ford Golf Team’s season has concluded. They will be teeing up again in the spring.

Frayed Misconceptions: Hijab

The modern ninja, the female oppression label, the scarfie.

Muslim women are among the most misunderstood minorities in America and though Dearborn has the greatest concentration of Muslim citizens in the nation, there are still people who know nothing about their neighbors.

Why do they wear all that? Why don’t men have the same cover-up? Aren’t they hot with all that on? Here is an attempt to clear up the most common misconceptions of the infamous “modern ninja.”

Did Hillary Really Win the Debates?

In the almost brutish melee that we call the American political system, this particular presidential race has been nothing short of controversial, engaging, and entertaining. To anyone with any access to the media, we are being bombarded with constant images of rhetoric that are harmful to certain groups of people. The most recent televised political event was the Democratic Primary debate.

Review of The Martian

Based on the book of the same name written by Andy Weir, The Martian is about human strength and courage in the face of staggering obstacles. In the film, Mark Watney (played by Matt Damon) finds himself alone and seriously injured on Mars after a catastrophic wind storm threatened to level the spacecraft that his crew was aboard. He’s assumed to be dead when he is caught in the storm and his crew leaves to avoid succumbing to the storm themselves, not knowing that he has, in fact, survived.

Tuesday Night’s Comedy Lineup

‘Tis the season for television’s biggest networks, FOX, NBC, and ABC, to start spewing out new shows that may or may not get picked up for a second season. But the question is, which of them are worth the watch?

No Longer Silent about Domestic Violence

The month of October is dedicated to spreading awareness of domestic violence and those who are or have been victims of it. Henry Ford College’s Office of Student Affairs took that duty to heart this month and brought “The Silent Witness Exhibit” to HFC. The exhibit is in the Health Careers building until Oct. 30th. In the center of the exhibit is a table that offers information about domestic violence and asks participants to sign a pledge against it. Surrounding the table is a collection of different stories shown on red silhouette cut outs of victims.

Local Group Fights Evictions

Wayne County is facing one of the largest foreclosures in the nation’s history, with the city of Detroit being hit the worst. The 2008 financial crisis has made foreclosures and evictions all too common in many neighborhoods. The shame and isolation that many feel when having to face eviction can be crippling, but community groups and labor unions are banning together to fight for people struggling to keep their homes.

Beauty and the Blight

Too often in the media’s portrayal of Detroit are we bombarded with images of decay, blight and despair. Images of entire neighborhoods, rotting and dilapidated, with homes charred and festering from neglect and arson have become the norm. Monoliths like the old Michigan Central Train Station and the Packard Plant, looming over the city, remind us of our past glory and our current failures in various aspects.

DIA Expands Middle East Arts Gallery

On October 1, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) opened an expanded and revamped Ancient Middle East gallery which features a bevy of Middle Eastern artistry. For many locals, the DIA is a beloved gem of Detroit. It contains many exhibits from various places and times that span across continents. In the center of the gallery there is a piece from the Gate of Ishtar which came from the Babylonian kingdom of what is now Iraq. A thin, faded-orange dragon lies over blue tiled brick and appears to be massive to museum spectators.

Scared Out of My Wits: A Trip to Erebus

Since it’s the month of All Hallow’s Eve, I decided to finally make the trip to the legendary four story haunted house: Erebus. Located in Pontiac Michigan, many go there every year to see the new installations and be scared out of their wits. Some come from a few miles away, while others come from all over the country to walk forty minutes through this twisting cavern of monsters and other creeptastic inventions. Throughout my life I had received mixed reviews about Erebus, some said it was merely alright, others said it blew them away.

Dancing Full Circle

For the past 29 years, HFC students have had the opportunity to express their emotions and communicate through the art of dance in various offered courses. Classes on several dance styles are available including Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance, and Tap. The Full Circle Dance Company was founded in 1994 and offers a class at HFC which normally consists of 10 to 20 students, in which the choreography of guest artists, faculty, and students is taught and rehearsed.

How the Other Half Lives: HFC’s Nursing Campus

All of us are familiar with HFC’s campus. We know the different buildings and the ongoing struggle to park our cars. But just ten minutes from here exists a whole other world, servicing programs and educating students away from the hustle and bustle of the main campus.

This world is HFC’s east campus. Located at Schaefer Road and Rotunda Drive, the east campus is tucked into a secluded corner of Dearborn, just across from Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant.

HFC’s New Hybrid Scale Model Solar System

Beam me up Scotty—up to HFC—to see the new hybrid scale model solar system.

At Henry Ford College, students and visitors from all over will soon be able to enjoy a magical experience with the new hybrid scale-model solar system. The great unveiling is set for mid to late November.

HFC’s model incorporates the characteristics of being to-scale, digitally interactive, and walkable. Some models have one or two of these traits, but this is the first of its kind to master all three.

Only During Halloween: Haunted Asylum in Northville

Any other time of the year, people pass an old, abandoned hospital or warehouse without a thought about the story behind it or what possibly lurks within it at night. However, around Halloween time, everything suddenly becomes spookier.

Whatever it is that gives abandoned buildings the extra scare factor around this time of year, it seems to be all the rage to check them out and see exactly what the big deal is. After all, it’s just a building, right?

Promoting Literature in the Community

Dearborn’s Centennial Library held its annual “Big Read” event and is using Edgar Allan Poe to do so. The Centennial held a teaser event on October 8 to showcase what audiences can look forward to. Attendees of the event ranged from Mayor O’Reilly of Dearborn and numerous sponsors including HFC’s own Joyce Hommel of the Eshleman Library.

Former Dearborn Mayor Statue Removed

The Orville Hubbard statue outside of the former Dearborn City Hall was removed, but not for the reasons we might expect. Times have changed everywhere, but many of us are unaware of just how dras¬tically times have changed in the humble little city of Dearborn, Michigan. For the near decade that I’ve lived here, I’ve passed by the Dearborn City Hall on Michigan Avenue and Schaeffer almost daily, and outside that city hall stood a towering 10-foot-tall bronze statue of the former mayor, Orville Hubbard. Until just recently, I never had thought much of it.

College to Drop Moodlerooms

HFC has decided to end its partnership with Moodlerooms by not renewing its contract with the online educational tool. If you have taken a few classes at Henry Ford, it is likely that you are already familiar with online coursework. The Learning Management System (LMS), Moodlerooms, is an open source software program that has been fully implemented for student and faculty use since August 2013. Many classes require work on Moodlerooms as a result of the integration of technology into the classroom. HFC’s contract with Moodlerooms (which is owned by Blackboard) will be over on June 30.