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Volume 41 - Issue 2 - September 14, 2015

All Trumped Up

By Lauren Church
Special Section Editor

I must admit, initially I was excited.

Who Keeps Campus Safe?

By Devin Radke & Issamar Almaraz
Campus Reporters

“Detroit Isn’t Ferguson”

By Iman Saleh
Assignment Editor

I can’t speak on behalf of the policemen of the entire nation. I can however speak from a liberal student’s perspective.

For one, I’m not black nor am I white. Secondly, before the Detroit Police Department was kind enough to let me take a third ride with them (midnight shift!), I had an astounding bias against them.

Who's Running For President?

By Chloe Michaels
Layout Editor

The VTL Sells Out Shows

By Mark Lawyer
Campus Reporter

Trustee Board President Steps Down – New Member Elected

By Marcus Olah