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Volume 40 - Issue 2 - October 13, 2014

HFC Kicks off the Fall Semester with Welcome Back Days

With the start of the fall semester came the return of Welcome Back Days!

The event, which took place from September 16-18 in the Student Center, gives students the chance to become informed, as well as sign up for student clubs. With over 30 clubs to choose from, HFC has a variety of organizations, ranging from academic to recreational. Some of the many clubs that participated at Welcome Back Days were the Community Service Club, Baking Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Phi Theta Kappa, Student Council, and The Mirror News.

Seven (7) Questions: There to Here – Jennifer L. Ernst

Have you ever met a person who just make you feel you have always known them? Newly appointed Associate Dean Jennifer Ernst of the School of Communications is such a person. Jennifer is an extremely intelligent and competent person. Jennifer, like so many other Henry Ford College’s staff is dedicated to the success of Henry Ford College students. Mrs. Ernst openly shares her challenges in pursuing her education.


In our last issue we featured Mikaylah Heffernan who is the first student to complete and graduate from the Biochemical Department. This article gives an overview of the biochemistry filed of work. Biochemistry is the study and research of organisms. According to the biochemist society, “The field of biochemistry has impacted various aspects of our daily living such as agriculture, veterinary science, medicine, and biotechnology. The field has led to the understanding of the brain, advances in forensic science, help fight disease and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge of the world we live in.”

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says the biochemistry job market is projected to grow faster than the average of all occupations. BLS says the growth will be 19 percent over the period from 2012 to 2022. There is a qualifier, however. BLS says the occupation is small. The latter has to do with the fact that financial support for the research is high. When going into this field the competition for positions will be great due to advanced specialized training and the cost of research. The mean salary for biochemist was $81,000. The following tables from Career Outlook view the projected wages and associated work areas.

Good News and Bad News

One of the two HFC Evergreen Road bus shelters was totally destroyed the morning of July 29-30, 2014. Campus Security believes an unidentified SUV or a truck struck the shelter at a high speed between the hours of 12 midnight and 5 am. There were no injuries reported.

Though the regional bus system, SMART, installed a new shelter by mid-September, the possibility still exists for a repeat incident involving a car or truck and the bus shelters.

The Trending #BendGate

The new Apple iPhone was finally released September 19 of this year and demand seemed high. Within the first 48 hours, Apple sold over 10 million iPhones. After the buyers of the new iPhone went home to try their new devices, they started realizing something; the phone bent.
Hours later, the new trending tag on Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites is the #bendgate or bentgate. Supposedly the new iPhones bend slightly when placed in a pocket with “normal use.”

University Center, Tuition Rates and More Discussed in HFC President’s TV Interview

HFC president Dr. Stan Jenson has accomplished a great deal since beginning his tenure in May of last year. Thus far he has pulled the college out of a $16 million budget deficit, successfully passed a millage, and proposed the idea of a school name change, which would ultimately drop the word community from its name (

With the fall semester in full swing, Jensen hopes to accomplish more for HFC, which he discussed on the CBS 62 program, Michigan Matters on September 28.

YouTube Channels Every Student Should Know

There are certain topics, for some people that may be understood more clearly through different media forms. Listed below are the top ten YouTube channels for everyone; from English to Engineering, these channels have it.

  1. Khan Academy (434,266,116 views):

Movie Review: The Equalizer

The late, lamented Edward Woodward must be rolling over in his grave.

The Equalizer – based on the 1985-89 TV series of the same name that starred Woodward as a former middle-aged intelligence agent Robert McCall – gets the big screen treatment, reuniting Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and actor Denzel Washington (who won an Oscar for Training Day for those of you keeping score). Washington also gets an executive producer credit.

Game Review: Shantae Review

Shantae was released for the Game Boy Color in 2002 by developer Wayforward. Released late into the GBC’s lifecycle and a full year after the Gameboy Advance debuted, Shantae was mostly unknown to the public despite receiving positive reviews. Since then it has been regarded as a cult classic and the beginning of great indie series.

Movie Review: Frank (2014)

Just one look at the poster for Frank you might guess that you are in for a bizarre experience, and you would be right in a sense, but even stranger is how stranded in reality these characters turn out to be. The film begins with an aspiring musician named Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) struggling to write a song.

Meditation and Its Benefits

Meditation means “to engage in mental exercise for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness” ( It means to look inwardly while being still physically and with such reach a state of calmness. Various cultures and religions have engaged in different forms of mediation over the years, recognizing its importance in benefitting the lives of the people who practice it.

Breast Cancer Article

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States, and with such comes a renewed focus on the disease, as well as the steps that can be taken for early detection and deeper understanding of the illness and its effects on patients. Knowledge of the many distinct elements of the disease may help foster greater awareness of all that it entails.

What To Do After A Car Accident

I recently got into a car accident and being in that, having to deal with all the stress that comes from calling family, dealing with the insurance company, and staying in the hospital, not knowing what is going on had me thinking, what would've I done if I had known how to deal with everything instead of going on guesses and what Google says I should do. So from my experience in dealing with a car accident, I will share what steps one should take if they are involved in an automobile accident.

Local Fast Food Worker Stands Up For “A Living Wage”

Think back to what you were doing early in the morning of Sept. 4th. It’s possible in those hours before dawn you were still asleep. For about 100 protesters, there was no time for rest.

If It Bleeds, It Leads

The Media, Paranoia, and You

What started out as a simple task turned into Mission "Darn Near" Impossible for the Mirror News' very own Steven Lehmen.

Lehmen was tasked with taking a Back to School Jitters poll for the Mirror's first issue, but basic questions such as, “What are you most worried about at the start of the new semester?” proved to be too personal to answer for most students.

HFC Helps With Forgotten Harvest

A group of students from Henry Ford College, headed by Cassandra Fluker, director of Student Activities volunteered on Saturday, September 27 at the Forgotten Harvest warehouse center in Oak Park. Students helped shuck corn and prepare them to be distributed.

Shine a Light on Leukemia

On September 27th it was a beautiful Saturday, and with the colorful lights emanating from hundreds of lanterns; it was made an even more beautiful night. That particular Saturday, in Bishop Park, Henry Ford College’s student nurses were among hundreds of others who took part in the Light the Night Walk for cancer. The Student Nurses Association (SNA), as well as local businesses and community members, rallied together in Wyandotte, MI to raise funds for leukemia. “It’s wonderful to see so many people come together in support of others,” said Asma Abdul Lateef, SNA member.

Six Must-See Haunted Attractions for the Halloween Season

It’s that time of year again! The leaves are falling from the trees, their colors changing from green to hues of red and orange seemingly overnight. The days are getting shorter and the air has turned crisp, prompting one to throw on a hoodie to keep warm. It’s officially autumn. And with autumn comes ghosts, witches, creepy jack-o-lanterns, grim reapers, and the like that’s usually associated with Halloween. To get into the spirit of all things scary, here are six haunted attractions in the metro Detroit area to check out!

Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village
20900 Oakwood, Dearborn

Superhero Shows Dominate Airwaves this Fall

Superheroes not only dominate the big screen during the summer blockbuster season, they’re also dominating the small screen this fall as the new season begins.

An influx of new shows will be debuting this fall, including Gotham (the Batman prequel series), The Flash, Constantine, and Marvel’s Agent Carter (slated for midseason). The latter is based on a Marvel Comics character, whereas the previous three are based on DC Comics (commonly known as DC) properties.

Mask of The Red Death



- Experience a Virtual Retelling Of The Poe Masterwork in this Creative and interactive Setting!

In 2013, Detroit native musician MIKAL debuted his dark, Poe-inspired masquerade ball known as The Masquerade Of The Red Death to a crowd of 1000+ for its inaugural outing, proving that Edgar Allan Poe continues to haunt our dreams, even 164 years after his mysterious death.